On September 11, 2019 we reached our funding goal of Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000.00) only which was/is to be used in sponsoring a classroom in the new school built by Khan Foundation in Makoko. This school, fondly called “The Ark”, is the third school in the Makoko community managed by the team at Khan Foundation. By September 14, 2019, we exceeded our goal by 10%. Thus, we raised total funds of N330,000.00. The funds raised will be used in putting together a pair of 20 desks and chairs, potentially to seat about 80 children.

At this point we would like to express our immense gratitude to all of our twenty-seven donors who helped us achieve our fundraising goal, we do sincerely appreciate each and everyone of them.

Khan Foundation Hub 3/The Ark Project Donor Board

As far back as March 2019, we had been in talks with the team at Khan Foundation discussing how we could support them in their quest to build the third school and we came up with the idea of sponsoring a classroom by by putting together funding for desks and chairs. We quickly put together a plan and rolled out our funding campaign. We admit this was our first funding campaign and we have learned so much from the experience. At the beginning we thought how difficult could it be to raise N300,000 it didn’t seem like much at the time. But we quickly found out that convincing people to donate to a worthy cause, no matter how much you intend to raise, takes a lot of effort. And the one lesson we quickly learned was around the issue of trust. As we campaigned for this project, we also had to reassure potential donors about the clarity of our intentions.

During the campaign we had published various articles to keep our readers abreast of progress and news related to the project. Find below a list of all the publications related to the funding campaign/project from the latest to the first in descending order:

As we close out on this funding campaign, we shall continue to provide our support to Khan Foundation (as one of our adopted organisations within our CTNetwork) on an ongoing basis, as we have always done, where we provide funds on a monthly basis to support the operations of the schools. If you would like to be part of this ongoing support, do reach out to us via email – donations@octoberorangeinitiative.org.

We are currently hard at work in developing a platform through which you can support Khan Foundation and other charitable projects on an ongoing basis. We shall keep our audience posted on that project.

On to the next one.

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