A dear friend is in need of our support to raise funds needed to finance a kidney transplant treatment as he is currently battling End Stage Kidney Failure. He has been given two options, continue on dialysis till his passing or get a transplant “now”. Due to the advanced stage of the ailment Uchechi has had to reach out to friends to appeal for funds in raising Twenty Million Naira (N20,000,000.00) to get his transplant and treatment. Otherwise, he will have to continue dialysis till his passing.

Thus, we are appealing to you in raising the target amount to help give a kidney to Uchechi so that he can live a better quality of life till he is old and grey.

Uchechi Ogwo – Appeal for Funds

We would appreciate your support in raising N20,000,000.00 for Uchechi to help him get the treatment. To make a donation, click HERE or transfer to GCL 94 Set Account at GTBank with account number 0233228885.

When you do make a donation, do let us know at donations@octoberorangeinitiative.org.

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