When we put out the call for our last Donation Drive little did we expect to get the kind of support we did, especially from our women heroes, Margaret, Titi, Ebere and Otsemaye.

This batch of clothes is our largest collection to date at any one point in time, as we have sorted through two hundred and twenty five (225) items. And not just did we receive a ton of clothes, we are partnering with one of our new heroes, Emem, to redistribute the “W Batch” (what we are fondly calling this current set of donated clothes) to girls and women within the Oworonshoki community. Emem volunteers her time on the RCCG – Christ Church outreach program that meets up with members of the Oworonshoki community but her focus is primarily on teenage girls and women that have been unduly exposed to the harsh realities of community life. Part of the outreach programme is to provide counselling support and where the opportunity presents itself, provide educational and welfare support to these girls. 

The W Batch will be off to our dry-cleaning partner this week, Washcraft Drycleaning Services, a business whose daily operations are managed by Mrs. Awonusi, to whom we are grateful for as her business had agreed (at the beginning of the partnership) to launder all donated clothing items for free on an ongoing basis. 

As soon as this batch of clothes come back freshly pressed (reminds us of one of our favourite early morning radio programmes 😉), we shall partner with Emem to have these items distributed to the girls and women in the Oworonshoki community. 

Hopefully, the W Batch will help in making it easier to reach the folks that could potentially make a significant difference in changing the lives of a community.

Here’s to celebrating our HERoes!!!

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