As a follow up to the initial post on our new series, The Column (read about our first Column post by clicking here), we are doing a follow up and this will happen on a monthly basis, as the intention is to give you an idea/summary of what we have been up to in the month in question. This post is for the month of May and we do apologise for the late delay in publishing this post, as we should have published it on May 31.

In terms of activities we did not have much planned for the month, however, we have been hard at work in the development of a few projects we are working on implementing later on in the year. So, we have been using our brains most of the month of May and maybe we would use our brawns in the following month.

Two key projects we are currently working on are focused on how we can get more people involved in giving back in a somewhat different way that does not immediately make you feel like you are being goaded into doing something you do not immediately have an affinity for but you then feel encouraged to get involved in charitable work in one form or another.

Project Foundry (which is obviously a pseudo-name for the purpose of this post) is one of our key projects for the year that will involve the establishment of a platform that aids those who want to donate to do so and get something in return. This way, it does not immediately feel like donors are just giving away money without having something to show for it. But more importantly, it gives us a platform for building trust by clearly showing how donations are being put to the intended uses. Part of the outlook for this idea/project is to partner with others in the provision and delivery of expectations. In essence, we are intending to use enterprise to promote nonprofit activities/engagement.

The second project, which to a large extent will also complement Project Foundry and further extend the reach of October Orange Initiative in driving new value systems around nonprofit activities, is aimed at leveraging mobile technology to drive up engagement levels in charitable causes. And as part of the process of driving engagement, this project aims to gamify the idea of giving so that nonprofit becomes more socially interactive.

It is our hope that we can leverage technology in such a manner that brings about significant changes in how we approach nonprofit activities in Nigeria. Thus, contributing to changing the current perception of charitable causes in the country.

In the month of June, we have another Instaart event planned for the children at Optimal Children’s Home on June 22, do look out for related posts. And if you are interested in participating, hey, give us a shoutout.


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