Hello everyone.

We would like to welcome you to our ‘thought space’ where we intend to share notes, ideas, opinions, our projects, news from our partners, opinions of all our stakeholders, our successes, our failures, and other newsworthy articles that bring attention to who we are, what we do and the ideals we stand for.

We thought it was essential to create this space so that you get to interact with us outside of you visiting our website and making a donation. We also want to give back by sharing our knowledge and experiences in part to contribute to making the world we live in a little better with each of our interactions and/or activities. It is our hope we achieve this goal.

Our outlook for The Art Of Giving is to publish posts two-three times a month, every month (besides the introductory posts by myself) and these would be authored by members of the October Orange Initiative team, guest bloggers and stakeholders. The articles will cover a wide range of themes/topics bordering on non-profit activities, both internally and within our immediate environment. Each month’s posts could carry a theme, where we explore the art of giving around the theme and the themes could be influenced by divergent factors. The views and opinions expressed by the authors remains personal and do not necessarily reflect the ideals for which October Orange Initiative stands for but we do encourage positive conversations on matters pertinent to living a life of meaning.

Whatever the posts are, it is our hope we are able to create a community engaged with the principles and understand the art of giving. So that in our own way, we contribute to making our society that much more an enlightened place to be in.

Many thanks for sparing your valuable time in being with us on this journey. Do let us know how and what you feel about it all.

Olufeyisayo Sofolahan Soewu | Founder | October Orange Initiative

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