Our maiden Pop Up Art Class will be focused on helping children appreciate art and its various forms. To achieve this we have partnered with Paint The Night Africa Entertainment Limited (PTNAfrica) to inaugurate the first class at the Motherless Babies Home in Lekki, Lagos on Saturday, March 30 2019. Afterwards, we are going to be working on replicating these classes across other homes, schools and organisations in order to drive a deeper appreciation of art.

Art is a widely diverse range of expressions in forms of visual, auditory or performance pieces that represent an expression of the inner state of being. For anyone who seems inclined to their imaginations, art allows a freedom of expression that is safe and allows them to build confidence and connections.

The right form of art can help improve overall well being and contribute to lowering anxiety and stress, improving self awareness and self esteem, strengthening relationships, regulating behaviour and advancing social skills. Art can help heal from difficult experiences as those who participate are able to express their emotions as well as work through difficult or painful memories. In all, art allows people to grow mentally, socially and emotionally leading to them developing strong personalities as well as boost their ability to analyse and solve problems in a lot of ways.

The Pop Up Art Class aims to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the participants can develop an affinity for art that could possibly influence them in staying focused.

Aimed at being a regular event, participants will be tutored on the intended painting to be done and will be able to keep all their works as well. Ultimately, October Orange Initiative will put these paintings on display for a larger audience to appreciate at various events.

Everyone should truly experience the joys of art.

#GetInvolved in #GivingBack and #StayPositive

Temitope Omamegbe | Guest Columnist | October Orange Initiative

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