In view of what our future holds, we thought to share with you some ideas we are currently working on that will shape our growth trajectory within the nonprofit space. A few of these initiatives we have kicked-off and we are working on building traction with regards to donor engagement. Our initiatives underscore the basis of projects which we aim to execute in a manner that brings about direct and measurable returns to everyone involved. 

Donation Drive

In the month of March 2019, we started with our first initiative, Donation Drive, which is aimed at soliciting for the gifting of new & old, unused clothes, shoes, toys and books for redistribution to children and adults in impoverished communities. We must say that the reception to the idea and the donation of these items has been really heartwarming, as people have been constantly reaching out. In this regard, we partnered with Washcraft Drycleaning Services, whom have supported our initiative by drycleaning all clothing items donated for free. This gesture is their contribution to this initiative and overall support to October Orange Initiative, for which we are truly grateful. This initiative is ongoing and we are always willing to receive your gifts in supporting children and families.

Donation Drive

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Our Instaart initiative is aimed at organising pop-up art classes anywhere and anytime (well, almost anywhere and anytime). Instaart still carries on the ideals of using nonprofit driven activities to promote an appreciation for art as a form of expression and social engagement. The feedback on the programme has been very encouraging and it looks like it is an activity we will actively develop  and execute more often than we had anticipated. The current focus is on kids in orphanages and within impoverished communities. However, we are looking forward to expanding the programme to cover children and adults in general. We have held two sessions of this programme at Motherless Babies Home Lekki and Optimal Children’s Home Magodo so far this year. However, we are working towards holding two more sessions before the year runs out and we do hope we can get the support needed to do so. Instaart shall remain indicative of the possibilities of what the future holds for October Orange Initiative in promoting Art. And it is our hope that we can grow Instaart into a well recognised brand that signifies a deliberate move in promoting art in its various forms.

Instaart Logo

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What we are intending to achieve with our CTNetwork initiative is to create a repository of registered charitable organisations in Nigeria whom we support in one form or another and then use our network of sponsors/donors/supporters to get these charitable organisations the attention they need to get support for their activities. Part of the idea behind this initiative is also to create a pool of organisations that need funding support so that we are able to direct targeted funding sources (both local and international donors) to these charitable organisations. Thus, depending on the criteria of fund providers, we are able to ‘search’ our network and match the providers with those in need. Our approach to signing up charitable organisations into this network is to go through a verification process that guarantees upholding the objectives of the programme. 


Considering how ‘hostile’ the nonprofit space is in Nigeria, it takes so much to build a genuine story that transcends the personalities of those involved and it takes a very deliberate approach to build systems that will support worthy causes. It is in this view that we had to think through how best we could get the funding support that we need in order to be able to provide members of our network the funding we can muster and other issues. As one of our many strategies, we came up with the idea of partnering with merchants who will grant us discounts/rebates on their wares. These discounts/rebates will then be pooled together (when consumers purchase their wares on a dedicated portal) and the accumulated discounts/rebates will now be made out as a donation to our adopted charitable organisation for any specific month. The idea is that, each month, we would adopt a different organisation and support them with funds raised through this initiative. Otherwise all funds raised through this initiative will then be made out as a donation to any worthy cause we are in support of. We have started background work in the development of this initiative and shall keep you updated from time to time.

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The idea behind our WeFundUs initiative is to establish a homegrown crowdfunding platform solely for the purposes of raising funding for nonprofit or charitable causes that have been verified/certified by our team before introducing to the public. This platform will be built on the ideal of endearing public trust to causes we support in order to generate the funding needed to achieve the desired outcome of the projects admitted onto our platform. Part of the drive to see this come to fruition stems from the fact that you have many Nigerians adopting foreign platforms to raise funding for causes based here in our country whilst we ‘battle’ with trust issues when it comes to nonprofit/charitable matters. As part of its objective, we do hope that this initiative will generate high trust values in our society that will drive high donor engagement with causes that need funding support.

The Tomorrow Lab

The idea behind The Tomorrow Lab was borne out of our fondness for technology and the potentials it possesses in improving life. Many people have been exposed to one form of technology or the other, whether it’s the everyday use of mobile devices or the use of navigational tools to find your way around town on those mobile devices. However, there are so many more people who have no exposure to technology, especially those in slum communities. Our focus for this initiative will be the children (in these communities) who have had little or no exposure to formal education but have always wished to truly engage with other realities. The Tomorrow Lab will be focused on teaching kids from slum communities the fundamentals around technology. And these topical areas could include coding/programming, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, design, app development, hardware, software, web design basics, cloud/cloud computing, etc. It is our hope that with this kind of exposure, these children from the slum communities will gain the confidence to contribute positively to their environment and that could gradually begin the process of raising standards in these impoverished places.

As we grow, we shall continue to explore initiatives that promote our core focus areas of T.E.A.C.H. (Technology, Education, Art, Charitable Trusts and Health).

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