We have been speaking to a few people over the last few weeks about October Orange Initiative and the reception to the idea of what we stand for has been encouraging, to say the least. What we do hope for is the strength to live up to the expectations that people will repose in us and our activities.

During the course of this past week, I met  with an old friend, Samson Iyayi whom I had not seen for the past 6-7 years and there was quite a bit to catch up on and one of those ‘bits’ was October Orange Initiative. I talked him through what the ideology was for the non-profit and how we intended to help out and he genuinely was excited for what would become of October Orange Initiative in the nearest future. For me, his excitement as we discussed was an experience that I will be grateful for in a long time, as it seemed an indication that what we have set out to do with October Orange Initiative has got potentials to truly and positively transform/influence the art of giving in our country, as there is plenty of scepticism with regards to non-profit work.

I thought his excitement of hearing about October Orange Initiative was the high point of our meeting. However, his next move was what really got to me – without having spoken to him about making a donation, Samson immediately went to the project page online and made the first official donation to our Modupe Cole Memorial project. I was awestruck and deeply appreciative of his kind gesture. That gave me hope that there are people out there who would willingly support what October Orange Initiative (without having to struggle to tell a convincing story) has set out to do and we do hope we can reach such persons easily.

Samson Iyayi is a pastor, an accomplished HR professional, management trainer, motivational speaker and a published author. He has been involved with several family based initiatives in a network of churches where he served as coordinator for several couple fellowships for over a decade. He has a very strong passion for the family ministry and is currently the Nigerian representative of the 4/14 Window Family Leadership Challenge and the National Centre for Biblical Parenting in the USA. He is the founder of the L.I.F.E Parenting Academy based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is married to Chioma and they have three daughters.

When you have a minute, please reach out and say thank you on our behalf, here is his  account on Facebook.


The fundraising drive is officially open and we look forward to receiving all your donations.

Olufeyisayo Sofolahan Soewu | Founder | October Orange Initiative

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