Optimal Children Homes is an orphanage that caters to children who have been abandoned and the home currently caters to twenty five (25) children (as at the time of this post) between the ages of 18 months – 16 years of age, there are fourteen (14) older children between the ages of 10 – 16 years of age.

The home is managed by a staff strength of ten (10) persons and get no support funding from the government. All of the home’s operational needs are supported by private donations from well meaning individuals and the home’s current monthly operational budget is about Six Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Naira (N625,000.00). About 70% of that is used in paying salaries, thus leaving them to struggle in some months to meet other needs. This excludes other cost elements, such as school fees and its associated expenses as the children attend private schools.

The home has a list of items it requires in the immediate and over the long term. Click OCHM Wish List to view urgent needs of the home but its main priority now is seeking a new property within the Magodo environ, considering the growing size and aging of its residents. All the children in the home attend private schools and this is supported by people who have ‘adopted’ the children by making donations available to cater for their education.

Based on discussions with the administrator of the home, one of the biggest challenges it faces is giving the right amount of exposure to the children. This exposure is really just letting them know what everyday life is like outside the home, as some are usually scared to go out. Optimal Children Home will need the support of people willing to donate their time and resources to help in educating the children about the ‘streets’ and what life is like outside the home.

We are currently working on a few projects with the home, one of which is to run a pilot Instaart programme in the month of June. You can read about the programme by clicking Instaart.

If you would like to support the home in one way or another, you can reach out to us on +234(0) 817.920.2020 or send an email to info@octoberorangeinitiative.org.

You can read more of our stories and about us here October Orange Initiative.

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