Ever since our foray into nonprofit activities, we had always thought about how do we create or help promote experiences that truly make a difference. It was not so much for doing big things but we decided to focus on the little things that make a world of difference. This has been our approach in determining projects we undertake and would want to build out into sustainable activities that would bring together people in truly making a difference in one small way or another.

This is what has inspired us to conceive our Movie Day Out project which is aimed at taking children from slum communities to the cinema. You might wonder, how will this make a difference. The truth is, for many of us who have lived our lives having experienced going to school, hanging out, meeting with people from different walks of life, getting jobs, paying bills, etc there are many things we have come to take for granted and these experiences have shaped our perceptions about life in general. Many people who come from our slum communities do not have such privileges and are clueless about many things that have come to define the world in which we live in today.

This initial Movie Day Out project is aimed at taking about 60 children from the Oworonshoki community to Magnificent Cinema. What we aim to do is help begin to create experiences for these children that would hopefully inspire them to go on to do great things. It is not so much for the movie in question but just the notion about getting out of their community, interacting with other people, visiting ‘new’ places, seeing what other parts of the city look like, etc. This experience will help them begin to understand that there is so much more out there and that they only need to make the effort to get out of their ‘comfort zone’ and embrace the possibilities that the ‘world’ offers them through these kinds of experiences.

We do hope that as these kids come out as often as we and others can help them to experience the world around them, it begins to open their minds to the possibilities that exist. Thus, making it easier for them to accept and eagerly embrace our education focused initiatives as time goes on.

We thank you for supporting this outing.

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