Supporting the inmates of Nigeria’s Correctional Centres during this pandemic.

As the current global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, is significantly affecting lives in different ways, you will be amazed as to how different organisations are responding to the pandemic. It is amazing how individuals and organisations are coming together to solve real world problems at this time. One thing has become clear, our lives as we used to know will forever change, especially how we interact with our fellow men.

As a way of stemming the spread of the virus and contributing to ensuring a healthy population, Anchor Heritage is seeking support in making face masks available to the citizens (i.e. inmates) of our correctional centres in Nigeria. At a cost of N250.00 only per face mask (which is cloth based and tailored), you can help Anchorage Heritage make masks available to the inmates, and in line with this outlook, October Orange Initiative has made a donation in support of this initiative, so that our inmates are also better protected against this dreaded virus. And Anchor Heritage was kind enough to have our donated masks branded. We are super proud.

You too can support this initiative in providing face masks to the inmates of our Correctional Centres by donating N250 for a mask and your donations can be made available to Anchorage Heritage at UBA with account number 1020615702.

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  1. This is sensational…. more acreed to the team. Would gladly love to help with more in the nearest future.

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