We had  an idea, decided to collaborate on it and thought to jump into execution. That pretty much summarises how we held our maiden Pop Up Art Class (you can read more about that HERE). The feedback on the programme has been very encouraging and it looks like it is an activity we will actively develop  and execute more often than we had anticipated. We do have one planned for sometime in the month of June 2019, so stay tuned for more details.

Due to the possibilities of holding more regular sessions of this programme, we had worked towards building a brand around our pop up art classes and since that was the case, we were prompted to rethink the name as “Pop Up Art Classes”, which seemed to be a mouthful all of a sudden. With a great deal of inspiration from many places, we came up with the name “Instaart”, which refers to the same set of ideas/ideals behind our pop up art classes, wherein we are able to instantly organise art classes anywhere and anytime (well, almost anywhere and anytime :D). Instaart still carries on the ideals of using nonprofit activities to promote an appreciation for art as a form of expression and societal engagement.

Instaart shall remain indicative of the possibilities of what the future holds for October Orange Initiative in promoting Art. And it is our hope that we can grow Instaart into a well recognised brand that signifies a deliberate move in promoting art in its various forms, which is why we thought to create a brand around it. It is in this regard that we are soft-launching the brand/logo for Instaart as depicted in the image below. It represents a colourful perspective to life, especially where we try to imitate art (pun intended :D), and we do hope it will continue to inspire creativity throughout our “trust network”. Our “Trust Network” is made up of your good selves and everyone who has supported October Orange Initiative in one form or another.

Our new Instaart logo

See you in the future as we creatively tackle the present having been inspired by our past.

You can read more of our stories and about us by clicking October Orange Initiative

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