June 22, 2019 marked another day for the Instaart programme where it was held at the Optimal Children’s Home orphanage and it was a day filled with so much fun, laughter and some pretty good painters who showed plenty of promise. The kids at the orphanage where joined by Local Guides in Lagos and it was such fun banter as the painting session progressed.

The meetup was billed to start for 10am but there was a slight delay in kicking-off as pre-scheduled, as setting up for the painting session took slightly longer than expected. But in the end it was worth the wait, as that anticipation had built up excitement in the children.

As the session kicked off all of the great artists/painters were eager to show off their skills and there were some unexpected surprises and great artistry. The atmosphere was filled with  laughter/giggles from the children as they kept comparing ‘notes’ on who had the better drawing. Whichever way the drawings ended up looking, you needed to be there to experience the happiness of the kids as all of them were elated about their art works.

Instaart at Optimal Children’s Home

Without a doubt it was a great experience for the kids, as feedback from the administrator was gratifying, as she said that initial feedback was really rewarding for the children and they would definitely be looking forward to the next Instaart event at the orphanage.

After the painting session, Mrs. Ayo Adedeji (the owner/administrator of the home) addressed the local guides in attendance, giving a brief history of the orphanage, the challenges it faces and their current needs. At October Orange Initiative, we do hope that we are able to bring the much needed attention to Optimal Children’s Home and get them the support they need. 

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  1. Wow! What i read was intriguing and would have love to see emotions on the artist which I believe will make me reminiscing back in the days.

    Sincerely, i am proud of this project and the write-up is phenomenal…I wished it never ended.

    God will continue to strengthen the administratior and her staff. The children are not left out.

    Keep it coming.

  2. May thy Lord continued to rain his blessing upon your orphanage and keep the children to the higher place for you so that you can rip your fruits of your labour. Well dine My dear mummy God will keep you,accord you long life. Keep it up.

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