In response to the current global pandemic that has besieged humanity and our contribution to supporting the efforts of everyone doing something to help, Gerocare and October Orange Initiative are collaborating to provide a support system for the elderly population amongst us. Our efforts will be geared towards providing protective materials (including but not limited to face masks and hand sanitisers) to the elderly (in and around Lagos) in order to ensure they have some of the basic needs to protect themselves at this time.

The distribution of these items is our joint contribution in helping to stem the spread of the virus currently ravaging our global population and economies and the distribution will be done on the basis of the availability of the items in stock. Thus, we seek your support by donating protective materials and as we get them distribution will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

What we have decided to do is that you tell us which elderly you would like to help get masks and sanitisers and we would deliver the items to them. You can let us know by filling out the form at this link –

To donate face masks and hand sanitisers, you can reach out to Gerocare on +234701.444.8844 and October Orange Initiative on +234817.920.2020. Otherwise, you can make a cash donation to support the purchase of these items by clicking on the following link –

We shall be publishing updates on this joint initiative as often as you help us to make a difference at this time in our lives as we look to ensure our elderlies are taken care of.

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