It is with great joy that we announce we have surpassed 50% of our target amount on the Khan Foundation Hub 3 project. We have a target of N300,000.00 to raise by the end of August and as of this publication we have raised N160,000.00 from 15 donors, two of whom are foreign based donations. 

Halfway Milestone on the Khan Foundation Fundraising Project

We have received and transferred the total sum of N145,000.00 and whilst we still have N15,000 in a holding account (these came in after the last transfer) pending when we are able to build up these reserves to a fairly substantial amount and then we would remit the monies to Khan Foundation.

As it stands we have N140,000.00 to raise before the end of August, thus giving you an opportunity to still be a part of this project. We are hopeful that we would be able to achieve this target by the end of the month and we continually seek your support in this regard. 

If you would like to make a donation, click on this link – DONATE.

You can view our previous report here in this regard.

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