As the yuletide season approaches and in the spirit of giving back, OCTOBER ORANGE INITIATIVE and ANCHOR HERITAGE (click names to view websites) are collaborating on a Donation Drive to pool together clothes, shoes, food items, toiletries, beverage and much more, from donors, which we are donating to the inmates of the Kirikiri Correctional Centre. 

We would be visiting the Kirikiri Correctional Centre on Tuesday, December 17, 2019. However, it is our intention to have moved all donated items on December 15, 2019 to ease logistics for movement in and around the Apapa environs.

The drive behind this initiative is to provide a platform for willing donors to participate in giving support to the inmates of the correctional centre. This is part of our overall aim of fostering better engagement and openness between our society and those who have been ‘abandoned’ (for all sorts of reasons) behind the walls of our correctional centres. 

Both our organisations have a common belief that everyone deserves a second chance (and most especially as not all inmates are criminals) and inline with this belief, we are pursuing this donation drive to give support to the inmates. 

If you do have items you would like to donate, kindly call Anchor Heritage on +234(0)907.223.3666 and +234(0)817.646.0478 or October Orange Initiative on +234(0)817.920.2020. 

Let’s all come together in creating second chances.

To read more about the Donation Drive initiative, go here.

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