In the month of March 2019, we started an initiative, Donation Drive, which is aimed at soliciting for the gifting of new, old, unused clothes, shoes, toys and books for redistribution to children and adults in impoverished communities. We must say that the reception to the idea and the donation of these items has been really heartwarming.

The first batch of clothes had been received, sent to the laundry for drycleaning and were eventually gifted (including shoes and books) to the children of the Khan Foundation Junior Academy in Makoko. Tega, the founder of the school, joked that Easter had come early for the children and there was excitement in the air.

At this point, we would like to acknowledge the immense support we are receiving from Washcraft Drycleaning Services, whom have supported our initiative by drycleaning all items donated for free. And we should let you know, the second batch of clothes donated have been taking to the shop (to be ready for pickup this weekend) to be cleaned in preparation for finding a new home for them. And there are still more items waiting in line to be taken to Washcraft.

It is our intention to continually seek out donation of the items highlighted above and gift them to those in need. Thus, creating a continuous cycle of receiving and gifting.

If you would like to donate CLOTHES | SHOES | TOYS | BOOKS (whether new, old, unused), we would appreciate it if you could reach out to us via telephone on +234.817.920.2020 or email on Also, do help us spread the word so that we are able to reach more and more people in need.

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