It is amazing what you begin to find out when you pursue a certain course of action, with regards to the people you meet, the information that comes to  you and the fact that you begin to expose yourself to other realities other than the ones you have been used to is an experience many of us take for granted.

When we started on this journey of creating a platform that can be used to support other charitable organisations, little had we realised how there are so many people doing incredible things in giving back in one form or another and helping others make something of their lives by providing a support system, and yet these stories are not getting out. And this leads us to promoting this ‘call’ in order to bring attention to what Optimal Children Home does and how you can help make a difference.

Optimal Children Home is an establishment for abandoned children, orphans, as well as the homeless. As part of their overall objectives, they provide the benefits of a home and family to cater to the welfare of the children in their custody. It provides clothes, food and an education with the aim of raising the children as an integral part of the society with a sense of integrity and high morals. The home regularly receives new ‘residents’ as they have to deal with a steady influx of new born babies and toddlers who have been abandoned in hospitals, churches, mosques, road-side areas including pits and dump sites. Due to the circumstances in which many of these children are found, they require intensive and regular medicare, emotional and psychological counselling and deliberate nutrition management to nurse them back to full health. OCHM has been duly assessed and registered by the Lagos State Government.

We are calling on you to support OCHM  in providing what it requires and our long term intention is to execute a pipeline of continuous support that guarantees the home gets all it needs. On a regular basis it requires donations of toiletries, food stuffs and provisions. However, there is a list of urgent needs that the home requires:

  1. 1HP air conditioner (2 units)
  2. Freezer HTF200H
  3. Dell/HP laptop
  4. HP Colour Laserjet MFP M274n printer
  5. High powered blender
  6. 8.1kva generating set
  7. 18-seater shuttle bus
  8. Office tables and chairs/furniture
  9. Monthly fuel for generator
  10. Keyboard for music class
  11. Educational support/sponsorship
  12. Permanent site for the home (in Magodo)

Based on discussions with the promoter of the home, the permanent site to relocate the home to is their major priority for now.

You can show your support to Optimal Children Home by:

  • If you would like to donate any of the items in the list above, you can send items directly to OCHM, view address/location by clicking HERE. Otherwise, you can contact us via +234.817.920.2020 or and we would make arrangements on your behalf to have the items delivered to the home.
  • If you would like to gift cash, either as a one-off donation or contribute to OCHM on a monthly basis, click on this LINK. You can initiate a direct transfer to Optimal Children Home at GTBank, UBA & Sterling accounts with numbers 0016345514, 1019543348 & 0069648554 respectively. When you do, do send us an acknowledgement of your donation to and so that we can notify the home.
  • If you would like to support by giving cash to purchase any of the items, we can help out with that. You can reach us via telephone or email.

We thank you so much for your kind donation and look forward to your continuous support.

You can view our website at

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