It is without a doubt that by establishing equitable relationships with key partners in any venture you undertake, you are bound to go far and exceed most expectations, if such relationships are positively and deliberately fostered. In some cases, you are bound to experience unimaginable support or new perspectives that never occurred to you before. As the saying goes (or at least some version of it) if you want to go fast, go it alone but if you want to go far take others with you.

It is in line with this philosophy that we are anchoring our relationships with various partners/key stakeholders in what we do and as we undertake/execute our various initiatives. We have some interesting projects we are working on for launch in the near future, necessitating us to seek, evaluate, establish and foster long term partnerships with those whose outlook aligns with ours. 

These projects we intend to roll out over the next few months and into the new year and for most of them, we are working on building a network of partners for these initiatives. Thus, we have been keeping ourselves busy with meeting people, sharing ideas and evaluating the basis of these initiatives that will make a difference in the lives of many people and hopefully will further influence how nonprofit is perceived in this part of the world. 

One of our many goals is to establish creatively different ways of raising funds for worthy causes or giving people the opportunity of making a contribution without necessarily feeling burdened with the thought of donating. In view of this, we have been talking to a few retail based outfits in view of formalising an innovative approach to collaboratively raise funds for charitable projects. In addition to these firms, we are engaging in discussions regarding one of our initiatives that will focus on technology and how we can use that to drive social change. We are eagerly looking forward to great things happening in that regard.

The feedback we have received thus far on our initiatives have been major factors in cementing our resolve to seek out partnerships that will help us achieve great things. And it is our hope that by collaborating on these projects, we are able to influence real and positive change in how people deal with nonprofit and leave a lasting impact on the beneficiaries of such efforts.

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