Our “Always On” initiative is focused on supporting Modupe Cole Memorial (MCM) install alternative power solutions, with preference for solar power, as indicated by the administrator of the home/school. This is so that solar power will greatly reduce their dependency on running the diesel generator, as well as the attendant costs of its maintenance. On a regular basis, they usually seek for diesel donations to power the generator, which under the circumstances is not a sustainable activity in the long term. Thus, the ideal situation will be to power the home/school via sustainable means helping them better manage lean resources.

The Modupe Cole Memorial Childcare & Treatment Home was established in 1960 in Surulere by Mrs. Modupe Cole and many years later they moved to their present location. Somewhere in the existence of the home, the Lagos State Government stepped in and took over Management of the home and naming it after the Founder. The home currently caters to more than 450 children, teens and adults with mental and developmental challenges, some of whom have been at the home for a very long time. The residents of the home are grouped into 3 categories; the Educables; Trainables and Totally Dependent. The last group are those who cannot help themselves and need the constant support of a caregiver to help them through each day. The Trainables are those who have reached a certain development stage and are then put through vocational training. The Educables are those who have the capacity to go through school.

Besides helping MCM better manage resources, the solar power installation will increase efficiency with monitoring the residents of the home. You have many rooms within the facility that are lacking adequate lightning, as some dormitory type rooms will only have one functional light bulb, where there should be four or five. Many of the classrooms lack adequate lightning, and most of the corridors do not have any form of lights to make clear pathways/corridors/hallways, which we imagine restricts movement once it gets dark. Due to the size of the facility, Always On will be broken into three (3) phases.

Phase 1 will cover solar installation for the mixed hostel (i.e. for the totally-dependent category of residents, boys & girls), its extension and adjoining facilities and the boys hostel. This phase will cost Thirteen Million Seven Hundred and Eighty Two Thousand Three Hundred Naira (N13,782,300.00) and the project partner is Cloud Energy Photoelectric Limited (www.cloudenergy.com.ng). If at the time of raising funds to execute this project, we are able to find a way of reducing the cost of the project, the savings from the Always On initiative will go towards buying other needs for the school/home.

You can make your donations by clicking on this link ALWAYSON-MCM, or via transfer to October Orange Initiative at Access Bank with account number 0765610546 and narration should read “Always On – Modupe Cole Memorial”. For more information, you can send an email to info@octoberorangeinitiative.org or call us on +234.817.920.2020.

We would truly appreciate your support in making this project a reality for us but more importantly for the residents of Modupe Cole Memorial, as this will greatly enhance the quality of life/living in the home. As they will then be able to focus on using their lean resources in meeting other needs of the home/school.

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