As part of our ongoing efforts in providing support in one form or another to other charitable organisations, we had since partnered with Khan Foundation to support their efforts in education in various ways.

Besides fundraising efforts focused on specific projects, such as the current Hub 4 project, October Orange Initiative supports Khan Foundation by making monthly donations that contribute to helping out with monthly operating expenses of the schools that Khan Foundation runs. And if you do decide to help out in keeping the hundreds of dreams alive at the Khan Foundation schools, then click on the link at the end of this post to make a donation.

In addition to making monetary contributions to support the operations of the schools, anyone who is willing to volunteer their time and resources can provide educational items needed by the children and the school. These could cover items such as exercise books, text books, school bags, lunch boxes, uniforms, pencils, erasers, mathematical sets, shoes, socks, computers, white boards, markers, etc. 

If you would like to support Khan Foundation schools with any of the above items, you can reach out to them on +234.703.251.8522 or you could notify us by sending an email to or call us on +234.817.920.2020 and we could arrange a pickup/dropoff on your behalf to Khan Foundation.

If you would like to support Khan Foundation on an ongoing basis by making regular contributions, click on this link – Support Khan Foundation – and select “Monthly” to make monthly contributions.

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