In the last many months (almost one year now), we had been on an imposed hiatus that inadvertently affected our posts on this blog and activities within October Orange Initiative. However, the tides have turned for the better and it is with renewed hope that activities will significantly pick up this year and going forward, as the future looks alluringly bright for October Orange Initiative. This post is aimed at bringing you up-to-date on recent activities we have undertaken.

From a place of many struggles, we have been helped to think differently about how we intend to execute our programmes and this has in turn, helped us to reconsider alternative approaches to many of the initiatives we had penciled down. And one of those lines of thoughts birthed the Donation Drive idea.

The Donation Drive is basically aimed at pooling together, either new or unused clothes, shoes, toys & books from willing donors and then redistribute these items to children and adults in need, from impoverished communities or homes. This drive was started a few weeks ago and the response has been amazing. The first batch of clothes, shoes and books had been delivered to the Khan Foundation Junior Academy in Makoko and the kids were excited. As someone put it, Easter came early for them. That was heartwarming. We are looking forward to sending in a second batch of clothes this week to Washcraft Drycleaning Services who have been generous to support our cause and offered to launder used clothing items for free. A big ovation goes out to them.

To further our passion for art, we engaged Paint The Night Africa Entertainment Limited (PTNAfrica) to start what October Orange Initiative terms a Pop Up Art Class, wherein we get participants to partake of a session where they actually paint a picture (and maybe partake of other fun activities) and get to keep their art work afterwards. We think this would be a fun way of introducing people to art and truly appreciating different art forms. Our first of this initiative will be held at the Motherless Babies Home in Lekki this weekend, on Saturday, March 30, 2019. We are excitedly looking forward to it. It is our hope that we would be able to replicate this activity across many schools, charitable homes and organisations. I must say, the partnership with PTNAfrica could not have happened without Temitope Omamegbe, who has been incredibly wonderful and supportive. She is a storyteller and guest columnist on this blog and you can find her at her blog.

Temitope Omamegbe

Many things give us hope for a truly rewarding and engaging future. October Orange Initiative through its gentle strides and small feats, has inspired more people to join its cause. One person in particular has been moved to volunteer his time, energy and lenses, to helping us create memories and that is Godson Obiakonwa (you can find him on Instagram at @sbbnaija). He is a photographer and has volunteered to join the media team. Many thanks Godson.

Just as Godson has volunteered to join our media team, we are volunteering to support the Khan Foundation in fundraising efforts in building their new school, which will make it the third location within the Makoko community. When this comes to fruition it will significantly increase the number of children they cater to in providing education. We could go on and on about Khan Foundation ( here, but we’ll leave the rest of the story to another post, so watch out for that.

It is our hope that you will come along with us on this journey so that we can achieve great things together.

See you on the next one.

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