Our initiatives under the Charitable Trusts umbrella are aimed at providing support or lending credence to legit nonprofits organisations and their causes. What we would do is understand their needs and partner with them to provide the support we can, one of which is leveraging our platform to collect donations online for worthy causes. In addition, we would leverage our growing network to bring attention to the needs of these organisations and call on willing partners to provide the help they need.

It is in this line that we call on ‘you’ to provide support for and to the MBHL Lagos, Nigeria.

From a recent visit to the Motherless Babies Home (where we had organised our maiden Pop Up Art Class, click POPUP @ MBHL to read previous article) we had the opportunity of speaking with the administrators of the home  to understand the needs of the home. In discussing their needs, we were handed a list (see list below) of items the home needs on a regular basis but there were items that seemed like priority at the time of the visit. One of which is the request for ceiling fans and these are needed to cool down the dining hall area, as the current system is ineffective to cool down the area. The request for the fans is not to say MBHL wouldn’t need air-conditioners, however, we guess it is easier and cheaper to deal with fans when power becomes an issue and they have to run a small generator to manage their power needs.

List of needs for the Motherless Babies Home in Lekki, Lagos

We are calling on your support to give MBHL its needs and our long term intention is to execute a pipeline of continuous support that guarantees the home getting all its needs. You can show your support by:

  • Donating any of the items in the list above directly to MBHL, you can find them on Google Maps –> HERE. Otherwise, you can contact us via +234.817.920.2020 or donations@octoberorangeinitiative.org and we would make arrangements on your behalf to have the items delivered to the home.
  • Gifting cash to the home by clicking on this DONATE link to make a donation (either as a one-off or monthly contribution) or you can initiate a direct transfer to Motherless Babies Home at First Bank account with number 2001598490. When you do, do send us an acknowledgement of your donation to donations@octoberorangeinitiative.org and lagoslionvillage@gmail.com (this email is for the home) so that we can notify the home.
  • Giving cash to purchase any of the items, we can help out with that. You can reach out via telephone or email.

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