In a bid to boost education (one of our focus areas) and reduce the number of out-of-school children, we have been granted the opportunity of partnering with Khan Foundation in supporting the building and completion of its third school in Makoko, fondly referred to as Hub 3. We are stoked about the opportunities this will bring to the children and families in Makoko. You can read about our previous posts on this project here –> Project Ark and #OnePlankMovement.

In this regards, we have the opportunity of sponsoring a classroom that will need twenty (20) pairs of desks and chairs for the children. The cost of each pair is Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000.00), thus, the total cost for a classroom is N300,000.00, which we need to raise before the end of August 2019. We would also like you to know that when we are able to raise the funds needed to sponsor a classroom, October Orange Initiative will be recognised as a project sponsor and have a class named after it. Details of which we will publish in due course.

Besides your donations helping us provide a comfortable environment for the kids to learn in, your donations would in turn help Khan Foundation engage carpenters from within the Makoko community to manufacture the desks and chairs. Thus, our support of sponsoring a classroom in Hub 3 will invariably boost the Makoko economy as it will support the sustenance of the local carpentry industry. This will in turn generate income for the local families thus giving them the means to send their children to school, which reduces the spate of out-of-school children.

We would truly appreciate you supporting this initiative by using this “secured payment link” to make a donation (click on “Give Once” for a one-off donation) or you can make transfer(s) to October Orange Initiative’s account at Access Bank with account number 0765610546. Narration of the donation should read “Khan Foundation Hub 3”. 

Do help us make this a reality.

Khan Foundation – Hub 3
Khan Foundation – Hub 3

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