Our partnership with Khan Foundation (you can read more about them here https://khanfoundationng.org/) continues to grow as we have ‘adopted’ 12 children who go to their schools in Makoko by making a monthly donation to the “Support A Child” campaign of Khan Foundation. And recent discussions between Khan Foundation and October Orange Initiative have yielded in further cementing this relationship/partnership between the two organisations.

October Orange Initiative’s support for Khan Foundation following recent discussions shall focus on providing support to raise funds towards the development of a new ‘floating’ school in Makoko. On completion, this shall be the third location/site for Khan Foundation Junior Academy aimed at bringing education to more children within the community. The cost of the new school development is six million six hundred thousand naira (N6,600,000.00), approximately $18,000.00, and this will cover building materials and construction. As for furniture, plans are still being put together to determine the most viable option for the school, considering its location and cost of various options available. Click on here to read more about the Ark Project. We would like you to know that the land upon which the school will be built has been acquired at a cost of about one million three hundred thousand naira (N1,300,000.00), approximately $3,600.00. Hence, the support call for funding the actual build.

If you would like to make a donation towards building the next generation, click on PROJECT ARK to make a payment on our secured online portal or you can initiate a direct transfer to Khan Educational Foundation at GTBank with account number 0360274335. If you do initiate a direct transfer or make payment online, kindly follow up by sending an email to confirm your donation to projectark.khan@octoberorangeinitiative.org.

Let’s come together to build hope.

For more about us, visit https://www.octoberorangeinitiative.org

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