We started out on a journey of making a difference no matter how small and we have been taking small strides all of which have been worth it because of the feedback we have been getting that keeps encouraging us.

When we started, we did not know what to expect but we thought to just get on with it and see what becomes of all our efforts and so far, the future is brightly coloured orange.

There are four (4) core focus areas we have decided to cover, which we have dearly christened E.A.C.H. which stands for Education; Art; Charitable Trusts and Health. The focus of this post is with regards to our activities under our Charitable Trusts initiative. In the past six (6) months we have managed to support two (2) charitable organisations in the delivery of their objectives (i.e. Optimal Children’s Home and Khan Foundation Junior Academy). Our support has largely been in providing some level of funding to help meet their needs. Although not enough but we do keep trying to stay consistent and make a difference, especially in the lives of the children that Optimal Children’s Home (Optimal Children’s Home – A Call for Support) provides shelter for and the kids that Khan Foundation Junior Academy (Khan Foundation – Project Ark) provides education to in the Makoko community. For now, our efforts provide both organisations less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each on a monthly basis (at Optimal Children’s Home, it is a small contribution in meeting their monthly operational needs of about One Thousand and Seven Hundred Dollars ($1,700.00) and for Khan Foundation, this helps sponsor 12 children on their current Sponsor a child programme). Besides these two organisations, October Orange Initiative is hoping it is able to provide more funding as time goes on, but more importantly is the adoption of more charitable organisations that require support in various ways. Our support for these organisations and others under our Charitable Trusts initiative goes beyond the provision of funding but also includes ensuring we are able to bring attention to the needs of the organisations and get them a lot more attention so that they get the required support they need to meet their objectives.

It was in view of these efforts that both organisations wrote us ‘little thank you’ notes in appreciating our support for their activities.

It is our hope we can further expand our provision of support to Optimal Children’s Home and Khan Foundation and ‘adopt’ other charitable organisations into our Charitable Trusts Network (CTN) so that it becomes easier for you to find outfits that you may want to support on a regular basis. If you would like to make a donation to Optimal Children’s Home and/or Khan Foundation, you can click on either of these links, Support Optimal Children’s Home | Support Khan Foundation Junior Academy. Do note that ALL funding provided through our payment platform (secured by Flutterwave) are sent to the respective recipients in totality. If you do make a donation (via our online platform or transfer) and require proof, you can send a request for proof of donation to info@octoberorangeinitiative.org.

Many thanks for being part of our journey.

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